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25 January 2022 (13:43)
Minimap marks have been added to all class quests from level 1-10 to help players navigate where they need to go to complete their quests to advance to Algaros.
19 January 2022 (09:03)
Bug that caused Berserker not being able to use life leech has been fixed. There was also a small bug that caused some enchants not being removed properly from items, it has also been fixed.
17 January 2022 (11:48)
Lowered the damage of monsters that you encounter during priest quest in Aholas. Quest chain was being a bit to hard for the level.
06 January 2022 (13:55)
Giant Spider and Dwarf dungeons have been released to the game and fragments is added to respective monsters loot table. Dungeons now also gives reputation on completion, up to a max level for each dungeon so a level 100 can't farm rotworms.
23 December 2021 (23:50)
From server save on 24th of December to server save of 31st of December, enjoy double loot! Merry Christmas to you all!
21 December 2021 (14:13)
Few items have had their damage altered slightly. Example Fire Axe and Dragonkatana.
19 December 2021 (15:43)
Hotfix to change the wand from dragon lair quest, it was doing 300-500 energydamage as base due to a bug when base is suppose to be 65-90.
17 December 2021 (09:34)
Few more items have been added to Armorcrafting and Alchemy to help players in end-game content.
16 December 2021 (13:44)
Ice Rapier now only deals ice damage to be inline with rest of the elemental weapons like Fire Sword and Serpent Sword.
14 December 2021 (13:45)
Two dungeons have been released today. Amazon dungeon for lower levels and Hydra dungeons for higher levels.
13 December 2021 (11:10)
You are now able to craft bomb flasks as with Alchemy and Jewelcrafting have recieved the ability to craft a stronger version of life ring and ring of healing. Furthermore, Ice Rapier have had its physical attack damage reduced.
03 December 2021 (12:31)
All health and mana regeneration runes have been removed from enchanting materials. All health and mana related enchants on armor now require normal health and mana runes. Also ice, energy and earthstrike has been added to weapon enchants.
01 December 2021 (11:11)
Few bugs has been fixed today. Summoners not being able to summon while in party, summons not doing any damage in dungeons and points not being updated when purchased items from the store.
30 November 2021 (11:54)
Client has been updated to fix two issues. Minimap was unable to open after re-logging and hotkeys sometimes stopped working after writing in chat.
30 October 2021 (14:08)
Summoners have recieved more controll over their summons with todays server save, they can move as if they would push their summons to any sqm on the screen to have the summon walk there.
16 October 2021 (13:33)
Fixed bug that caused attackspeed to be 80% slower than it normally should be.
15 October 2021 (11:51)
Three dungeons is released. Rotworms, Cyclops and Dragons. All items have been added to the respective monsters loot table.
17 September 2021 (11:27)
Small change has been made to professions. The amount of ores required to smelt one ingot has been reduced from 3 to 2. With a chance to smelt it perfectly with no waste and gain 2 ingots.
08 September 2021 (23:08)
A major bug with autoloot that would cause the server to crash has been solved.
07 September 2021 (15:10)
In Aholas, when getting to level 2 and recieving the first class quest, we have added a mark on the minimap showing where the class instructor is located.