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01 October 2020 (11:14)
Bug that caused you to be able to take unlimited rewards from Aholas daily tasks and Mira that didnt give you item to capture her horses has been fixed.
18 September 2020 (10:49)
New weekly task has been added. On every tuesday, Mira the stablekeeper will need help with her horses.
15 September 2020 (16:22)
Wizards manashield have been changed. It can now be set how much % of mana it will use. Example Utamo "50 - This will take 50% of damage to mana and Utamo "10 will make it 10%. Just saying Utamo will set it to base 30%
15 September 2020 (15:54)
Ultimate spell for Rangers have been added. Cost is 100 souls like all other ultimates. It will attack all monsters in 4x4 area around the player every second for 5seconds or until no targets can be found.
13 September 2020 (20:55)
A bug that was causing Berserkers to not generate Rage when using weapons with only elemental damage has been fixed.
11 September 2020 (11:39)
Serversave time has been changed, from today and moving forward the serversave has been moved 2h back, so its 08:00 servertime instead of 10:00.
09 September 2020 (11:53)
After todays serversave a bug with life and mana leech will be fixed. Now it will only leech if you attack a creature and will also leech for each creature you attack, if attacking with a AoE-spell.
07 September 2020 (11:52)
Wizard have seen a 20% increase in damage with all their spells and a reduced spread of their waves. This is to make them fit more into a glass canon class.
04 September 2020 (20:49)
We, the Everdale Admins would like to officially welcome our first Tutor, Freya, to join our staff.
04 September 2020 (14:53)
We had some technical problem with our mail today and could not send out registration mails. The problem have been fixed and we can send out new mails again.
03 September 2020 (15:54)
Wizards explosions and wave spells have had their level requirements changed to level 30 from 40 ( explosions ) and level 25 to 45 ( waves ).
01 September 2020 (11:41)
Crystalline arrow, prismatic bolt, drill bolt and assassin stars have been removed from shop. They will all be introduced with crafting at a later time. More shop items will be looked over in the next coming days.
01 September 2020 (11:35)
Weaponsmith now list items as 1H Weapons, 2H weapons and Distance instead of Axe,Club,Sword,Distance to make it easier to know what can be used by what class. 1H can be used by assassins and templars 2H can be used by berserkers.
31 August 2020 (16:04)
New spell added for Templars, Holy Strike ( exori strike ) it does holy damage and has a chance to leave ticking holy damage.
31 August 2020 (15:43)
Rangers Multi Poison Needle ( exori poison multi ) have gone through the same change as Poison Needle. New spell is Multi Elemental Needle ( exori element multi )
31 August 2020 (11:38)
Rangers Poison Needle ( exori poison ) has been changed into Elemental Needle ( exori element ), it can now cause fire, energy and poison depending on the targets weakness, Fire needs flaming arrow, energy needs flash arrow and poison needs earth arrow.
31 August 2020 (10:55)
Monsters spawnrate has been lowered from 4minutes to 3minutes. Hopefully this will help with the smaller spawns. Will need some feedback from players on this.
30 August 2020 (17:01)
Assassins Backstab spells ( exori stab ) will now teleport you behind your target up to 3sqms away. Spell will no longer work if there is no SQM available behind the target.
30 August 2020 (12:05)
Bug that caused Rangers multi shot to do same damage on additional targets have been fixed, it now does half as intended. Rangers Heavy Shot have also seen a damage increase with a small increased cooldown aswell.
29 August 2020 (11:44)
Templars shield bash ( exori bash and exori bash min ) have been fixed, bug caused the spell to also hit with weapon instead of just shield. Templar Holy Shock ( exori holy shock ) have seen a increase in damage.
29 August 2020 (11:30)
Levitate spell has been added to the game. Climb ( exani climb up/down ) for Berserkers and Levitate ( exani levitate up/down ) for all other classes.
27 August 2020 (12:21)
Besides Discord and Helpdesk on website you can now also reach support by sending an email to
22 August 2020 (13:17)
You can no longer damage your party members with AoE spells ( ex. Wizards exevo mas flame ). You can still attack them just AoE spells have been changed to not do anything to your party members.
21 August 2020 (11:12)
With todays serversave theres been a few spell changes. Berserkers Frenzied Healing ( exura rage ) heals 25% less. Templars Iron Skin ( utito iron ) now protects and reflects all attacks not just physical.
18 August 2020 (11:31)
Bug with Berserkers Frenzied Healing ( exura rage ) has beed fixed that caused it to not have any cooldown.
15 August 2020 (22:06)
Summoners call summon ( exana call ) no longer shares cooldown with summoning spells. Also all summon spells have their own cooldown now.
13 August 2020 (16:32)
Wizards have had their Damage Conversion (exura con) changed again.. The instant flat heal stayed the same, but the additional 35% of damage taken has been replaced with a healing over time, 25% damage taken during the last 4seconds per tick.
11 August 2020 (18:00)
Hotfix has been made to give Wizards a bit better healing. Damage conversion now gives a small flat heal at start and additional 35% of damage taken as life after 5seconds.
10 August 2020 (11:07)
Fixed a bug where if no slots available in backpack autoloot would make new looted items disappear.
09 August 2020 (11:54)
Combo Slice (utito slice) felt a bit overpowered since berserkers could stay at 100 rage almost at all times, so the rage regeneration has been lowered by 50%. Also, all assassins bleed spells have been reduced by 25%
08 August 2020 (11:47)
Steven and Wilford now offers a weekly reward if you exchange some materials with them. Just write "exchange" when speaking to them.
06 August 2020 (11:30)
Changed the way gathering handles skillpoints. Each vein and flower gives more now depending on skill required to gather. Also made the chance a bit higher to get small gems when mining huge veins. Skillpoints now also carries over to next skill.
05 August 2020 (21:15)
Today we added a 32-bit client for download.
05 August 2020 (09:07)
After todays serversave rangers and assassins have had exura ina removed and exura exo added. Summoners will also recieve a better version of exori death min - exori death.
04 August 2020 (11:50)
Minor Algaros Update with updated sprites, some new items and more. You need to download the new client at
03 August 2020 (11:47)
Fixed a bug that caused enchants and jewelcrafting stats not to work after relogg.
26 July 2020 (22:13)
Berserkers now gain 10 rage even if you miss your hit + up to 25 rage depending on how hard you hit.
25 July 2020 (10:18)
Blueberry bush now also gives gathering skills and when using the bush the blueberries goes straight to your backpack instead of having to pick them up.
23 July 2020 (11:31)
Kills for daily tasks are now shared in party
23 July 2020 (10:37)
Daily tasks have had their rewards reduced by minimum 50%
29 June 2020 (14:30)
Removed daily tasks that cant be completed in Ahola from Ahola taskboard.