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18 November 2022 (14:03)
New wikipage has been published with more information regarding the new imbuement system to help you prepare before the update and can be found here
04 October 2022 (08:34)
Minor change to Wizards manashield has been made. You now take 80% damage as mana up from 50% and it will now display that you have manashield in the condition bar below your health when its active.
01 September 2022 (08:33)
Today a new spell for summoners have been introduced. A spell they've been waiting a long time for. Exana Recall, you can now remove all your summons at once or cast exana recall "summoned skeleton to only remove skeletons for example.
23 August 2022 (08:57)
Dungeons have been adjusted and will teleport a Summoners summons together with the player.
21 August 2022 (09:20)
Bug that caused dromedary and wailing widow not being able to be tamed has been solved.
04 August 2022 (22:14)
Today we had a crash, the issue was swiftly identified and fixed. All characters have been teleported to temple so you wont login at a dangerous location.
04 August 2022 (09:15)
Few bug fixes have been implemented today. Summoners mana leech was not being triggered on summons attacks and simple quiver was making arrows weigh more than they should. Hero dungeon has also been increased to 30 minutes.
02 August 2022 (08:42)
Few changes have been made, first, only the first task of the day gives you 100% reward, consecutive tasks will reward you with 50%. Protections from equipment have been limited to a maximum of 80%. Templar healing has recieved much higher scaling to be atleast a little bit relevant in later parts of the game. Blocking skill is now possible as a roll on rarity items. Low level dungeon for undeads(skeletons, ghouls, etc) has been released. Few bugs have been sorted like crafted greater buff potions(mastermind, bullseye etc) have been fixed, daily task kills wasn’t counting correctly if in party same with priest Holy Wave spell, wasn’t healing party member and it’s summons correctly, it has now been fixed.
29 July 2022 (14:14)
A small quality of life update for the client has been made. You can now change dungeon levels by more than one at a time. By holding ctrl you will jump 10 levels, by holding alt you will jump 5 levels and by holding ctrl + alt will jump 0 to max level. You need to update your client for this to take effect ofcourse.
29 July 2022 (13:50)
Assassins have had their bleeds adjusted, it now does lower damage and leech has less effectiveness on damage over time (bleeds and ranger needles)
28 July 2022 (13:24)
New dungeon for Heroes have been added with today serversave. Fragments have been added to affected creatures loot lists.
27 July 2022 (22:12)
Next serversave Summoners will recieve small changes. First of all, summons will gain the Summoners protection from equipments(Fire, Physical etc), secondly the spell Heal Summon will now heal all summons instead of the one with lowest health, the health drain from the Summoner will now be based on %-max health instead of flat 30hp. To heal all three summons it costs 15% of your max health (4% + 5% + 6%). Priest have also recieved a small increase in damage on Holy Wave and small decrease in damage on Righteous Fire.
22 July 2022 (12:46)
Few bugs with reforge has been fixed, crafted attributes was being removed upon reforging which was not intended, example magic level on a crafted Strong Magic Ring. A minor client update has also been done to sort out a walking bug. Brimstone Dungeon was having some bugs when in a party, only one wave of brimstones was spawning, it has also been fixed.
18 July 2022 (21:03)
Some client updates have been made to solve some bugs and the graphical changes with option window and cooldowns have been reverted. If you have issues updating with the launcher, re-download from the page, it has new updated launcher to solve the bug people been having.
16 July 2022 (23:41)
New client has been made available for download already to prepare for the update tomorrow. If you decide to download right now, some things might be bugged for you like dungeons for example. Also, this new client breaks minimap. Your old minimap is stored here: "%appdata%\otclient\otclient\everdale" The minimap file can be moved to this path: "%appdata%\Everdale\everdale\everdale" And it will work again.
09 July 2022 (13:13)
Smelting items has had its chance to get ingots increased and some attributes have been excluded from shield when it rolls for rarity, example range skills is redundant on shields. Bug with infinite life leech(Assassins) and crit chance(Rangers) from spells has been fixed.
06 July 2022 (13:26)
Next serversave Assassins will recieve a changes to their bleeds, scaling is now more dependent on level and skill than before, plus any ticking damage can crit. Assassins will no longer recieve a scaling penalty while dual-wielding.
02 July 2022 (10:33)
Assassins bleeds now triggers leech and summoners gain mana leech from their summons attacks and summon still benefits from the life leech.
30 June 2022 (23:07)
For next server save, lots of changes to spells have been made. Few classes have had their damages changed. Assassins will now be able to stack puncturing throw and bleed, and the idea is that bleed will trigger leech, but that has to wait a bit longer for testing. Priests spell Holy Wave now damage enemies and heal friendly players and summons. Priests have recieved a new attacking spell for level 50, Righteous Fire.
25 June 2022 (13:02)
We have identified and fixed the issue that was causing dungeons bosses to sometimes drop double loot and we have enabled the dungeons again.
24 June 2022 (12:23)
Dungeons have temporarily been disabled to fix bug with double loot from bosses.
19 June 2022 (08:17)
Some changes has been made to skill rewards received from tasks, since they can be farmed quite a lot instead of once per day they have been lowered.
18 June 2022 (10:27)
Today some changes to damage scaling and hit ratings have been adjusted. Ranger spells have seen a small increase in damage, Focused Mind now also increase crit damage by 25 up from 15
17 June 2022 (10:41)
Some minimap markers have been added for basic stuff around town, like trainers, depot, bank etc and some basic hunt spots around Algaros to make it easier for first time players to find their way around once entering main. They will be added to all existing players on next login aswell, if you have logged in after SS already, they get added on next relog.
17 June 2022 (07:26)
We have identified a bug that would cause crits to sometimes do up to 300% damage instead of intended 150%. We have also adjusted normal damages to have a higher minimum value. Summoners now also give their crit and life leech to their summons.
15 June 2022 (10:14)
Starter items can be very overpowered with good Epic rolls and require you to get quite far into the game to replace it. So the decision was made to change most low level quests to roll as Rare instead.
14 June 2022 (09:46)
Monsters inside Minotaur dungeon boss has been removed and the general power of General Murius has been drastically reduced to fit more into the intended level of the dungeon.
27 May 2022 (09:22)
The rarity system has been updated to take into account if its a melee, distance or wand when and if its trying to roll skills. Melee weapons can no longer get range skill, Distance weapons can no longer get melee and Wands cant get melee or range skill.
23 May 2022 (08:16)
The new task system and the item rarity system has now gone live! More info how it works will come shortly! Recommend to download a new client, either directly from the page or through the launcher.
05 May 2022 (09:34)
Wizards have recieved a 15% increase to their scaling on most damage spells. Also Wizard spell Ice Beam has been removed and replaced with a Element Beam similar to rest of Wizards damaging spells.
02 May 2022 (07:42)
Binwabi in Phepane bank will now buy all your valuable gems that you do not wish to use for crafting.
08 April 2022 (12:16)
Some wands and rods have been added to weaponcrafting, and because of this, yellow, blue, red and violet gems have been added to mining from huge veins.
06 April 2022 (21:28)
We are aware some bugs currently exist in the auto-loot function that makes it not function to 100%, this is all corrected at next SS and will be back to fully operational again!
02 April 2022 (09:23)
We have identified and solved a bug that was causing dungeon bosses not to generate any loot. They now work again and with few more mage items in their loot tables!
01 April 2022 (15:08)
The root cause of the last few crashes have been identified and has been sorted out.
01 April 2022 (07:49)
Few spawns have recieved a major re-make. Apes, lizards and Dwarves in Nargila is much bigger, more ores to mine, more monsters to kill. More jungle re-makes will happen shortly.
30 March 2022 (20:19)
Infinite cash bug with NPC in Phepane has been fixed, cash has been removed from players that abused the bug.
30 March 2022 (09:48)
Minotaurs can now drop dungeon fragments.
29 March 2022 (12:35)
Fixed a bug that would cause Bronze Amulet to unintentionally give bonus stats when crafting at a very high chance.
24 March 2022 (12:46)
Beastiary now gives you some bonus exp per each 500 kills on a specific creature. Other than that few monster had loot altered, such as Wyrm and Hydra got bit lowered healing.
14 March 2022 (08:07)
Few creatures have had their skinning required level altered, plus the chance of success has been slightly increased.
06 March 2022 (20:38)
Majority of dungeons have recieved mining veins, making them more attractive to farm. Few more items have been added to professions, example protection potions to Alchemy.
05 March 2022 (12:42)
Summoners have recieved a big change to their spells, firstly their summons will no longer despawn on a duration, they now last until they are killed. Secondly, sacrifice summon no longer instantly kill your summon but drain part of its life instead.
17 February 2022 (08:08)
We have increased the amount of experience and skills the blessing from Margaret in Algaros temple are protecting on death. We felt the current amount was not high enough for the payment needed to be blessed.
16 February 2022 (07:34)
Major update for dungeons is coming this serversave! Please read latest news for more information. Will require you to update the client or you wont even be able to login. If having issues with auto-updated, please download it straight from the website.
08 February 2022 (12:13)
A bug with the spawning function that caused monsters to spawn much faster than normally has been fixed. Also bug that made you not being able to complete Brimstone Bug dungeon has been fixed.
07 February 2022 (12:10)
Hotfix to sort the bug with not being able to enchant wands and rods has been implemented to the game.
07 February 2022 (08:02)
Bug that causes items to burn up if moved next to lava, on the edge, has been fixed. Few map bugs have been fixed, stairs in phepane dragon lair for example. Wizard beginner quest have had its monsters damage lowered.
04 February 2022 (22:59)
Next SS will bring with it three new dungeons. Brimstone bugs, Dragon lord and Behemoths, all respective monster have had fragments added to their loot table. Also Phepanes dragon mountain has recieved an expansion, with maybe a quest or two.
04 February 2022 (14:29)
An updated client has been released. Lot of small optimizations has been made and small client bugs sorted out. If auto-updater gives off error, please just re-download the whole client from here
03 February 2022 (13:25)
A hotfix to correct the duration on crit potions has been made. It now lasts 30minutes instead of 2minutes which was never intended.
31 January 2022 (08:57)
Bug with spells that made them do wrong damagetype and to much damage with elementdamage has been fixed.
25 January 2022 (12:43)
Minimap marks have been added to all class quests from level 1-10 to help players navigate where they need to go to complete their quests to advance to Algaros.
19 January 2022 (08:03)
Bug that caused Berserker not being able to use life leech has been fixed. There was also a small bug that caused some enchants not being removed properly from items, it has also been fixed.
17 January 2022 (10:48)
Lowered the damage of monsters that you encounter during priest quest in Aholas. Quest chain was being a bit to hard for the level.
06 January 2022 (12:55)
Giant Spider and Dwarf dungeons have been released to the game and fragments is added to respective monsters loot table. Dungeons now also gives reputation on completion, up to a max level for each dungeon so a level 100 can't farm rotworms.
23 December 2021 (22:50)
From server save on 24th of December to server save of 31st of December, enjoy double loot! Merry Christmas to you all!
21 December 2021 (13:13)
Few items have had their damage altered slightly. Example Fire Axe and Dragonkatana.
19 December 2021 (14:43)
Hotfix to change the wand from dragon lair quest, it was doing 300-500 energydamage as base due to a bug when base is suppose to be 65-90.
17 December 2021 (08:34)
Few more items have been added to Armorcrafting and Alchemy to help players in end-game content.
16 December 2021 (12:44)
Ice Rapier now only deals ice damage to be inline with rest of the elemental weapons like Fire Sword and Serpent Sword.
14 December 2021 (12:45)
Two dungeons have been released today. Amazon dungeon for lower levels and Hydra dungeons for higher levels.
13 December 2021 (10:10)
You are now able to craft bomb flasks as with Alchemy and Jewelcrafting have recieved the ability to craft a stronger version of life ring and ring of healing. Furthermore, Ice Rapier have had its physical attack damage reduced.
03 December 2021 (11:31)
All health and mana regeneration runes have been removed from enchanting materials. All health and mana related enchants on armor now require normal health and mana runes. Also ice, energy and earthstrike has been added to weapon enchants.
01 December 2021 (10:11)
Few bugs has been fixed today. Summoners not being able to summon while in party, summons not doing any damage in dungeons and points not being updated when purchased items from the store.
30 November 2021 (10:54)
Client has been updated to fix two issues. Minimap was unable to open after re-logging and hotkeys sometimes stopped working after writing in chat.
30 October 2021 (13:08)
Summoners have recieved more controll over their summons with todays server save, they can move as if they would push their summons to any sqm on the screen to have the summon walk there.
16 October 2021 (12:33)
Fixed bug that caused attackspeed to be 80% slower than it normally should be.
15 October 2021 (10:51)
Three dungeons is released. Rotworms, Cyclops and Dragons. All items have been added to the respective monsters loot table.
17 September 2021 (10:27)
Small change has been made to professions. The amount of ores required to smelt one ingot has been reduced from 3 to 2. With a chance to smelt it perfectly with no waste and gain 2 ingots.
08 September 2021 (22:08)
A major bug with autoloot that would cause the server to crash has been solved.
07 September 2021 (14:10)
In Aholas, when getting to level 2 and recieving the first class quest, we have added a mark on the minimap showing where the class instructor is located.