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Character Information
Name Freya
Sex Female
Level 195
Vocation Berserker
Residence Phepane
Guild Royal Commander of Valkyrie Profile
Last Login 15 May 2024 (12:51)
House West Merchant Lane #1, Algaros
Status offline
Created 16 September 2021 (19:36)
Comment: When you are aware of what it takes to live a conscious life, you can respect others who attempt to do it too. When you can give without expecting anything in return...This is called generosity of spirit.

Death List
13 August 2022 (16:08) Killed at level 169 by Demon
and by Hellfire Fighter.
31 January 2022 (20:15) Killed at level 87 by The Old Widow (soloed)
18 January 2022 (20:38) Killed at level 67 by Massive Earth Elemental (soloed)
17 December 2021 (18:08) Killed at level 36 by Pirate Buccaneer
and by Pirate Marauder.

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