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Everdale Society

If you're new to our lands, feel free to ask us for aid!

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the Golden SunHealium (I Wont Heal)64Priest Offline
a ParagonLick This Crit18Wizard Offline
Marimanga (I love you)90Assassin Offline
Thicc Meatshield30Templar Offline
You Seem Upset33Berserker Offline
a LoyalistBearzerker172Berserker Offline
Chaotic Theory19Ranger Offline
Deconstructor35Berserker Offline
Elrond12Priest Offline
Han32Berserker Offline
Harbinger140Summoner Offline
Hohas52Summoner Offline
Piotreks149Berserker Offline
Ranger49Ranger Offline
Rorschach135Ranger Offline
Saruman247Wizard Offline
Summi72Summoner Offline
Testaron36Berserker Offline
Void52Assassin Offline
Wet Dream62Summoner Offline