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Fifth Order

Connected by Fate and Chance

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
CouncilHasorko287Summoner Offline
MemberAnne73Ranger Offline
Azashiro Kenpachi28Templar Offline
Bayne125Templar Offline
Captain Price25Ranger Offline
Cyn10Wizard Offline
Dayde Costa10Templar Offline
Deadly Priest25Priest Offline
Dudingo42Summoner Offline
Lonewolf58Templar Offline
Lonewollf227Summoner Offline
Lukao The Wicked10Wizard Offline
Luna Lovegood25Wizard Offline
Nyx Assassin11Assassin Offline
Rajie60Assassin Offline
Royal Dudek131Ranger Offline
Smiles23Berserker Offline
Vrynn70Priest Offline

Invited characters