03 August 2020 (09:47)
Fixed a bug that caused enchants and jewelcrafting stats not to work after relogg.
26 July 2020 (20:13)
Berserkers now gain 10 rage even if you miss your hit + up to 25 rage depending on how hard you hit.
25 July 2020 (08:18)
Blueberry bush now also gives gathering skills and when using the bush the blueberries goes straight to your backpack instead of having to pick them up.
23 July 2020 (09:31)
Kills for daily tasks are now shared in party
23 July 2020 (08:37)
Daily tasks have had their rewards reduced by minimum 50%
  21 July 2020 (21:01) by God Pox - Algaros Update

New update and we have officially opened the server in Alpha stage.

What you can expect from the Algaros Update:
- The city of Algaros.
- Updated Professions
- Reputation - By raising your reputation you get better prices with the vendors and more items to trade as well as unlocking quests and increase the number of daily quests.
- Daily Quests - You complete these in order to raise your reputation with a city.
- Dungeons - Dungeons are out in the open world, hidden and quite hard to find. If you think you have found one then don't just enter carelessly because they will be quite difficult.
- There will only be one dungeon for Algaros, at least to start with.

Planned future updates:
- Factions - For example you will be able to choose between joining the Elves or Dwarves Faction in order to do business and get quests.
- Spells that are bound to specific items. You unlock these spells simply by having the item equipped.
- More Continents and Cities.
- Hidden Quests that will lead to something unique, whether it is an unique spell, item, outfit or mount. Everything is up for grabs so to say.

  26 June 2020 (22:55) by God Bengt - Aholas Update

Thank you!

First of all thanks for all the feedback we've recieved, it's really helped us a lot. Here's a list of updates we've made for Aholas:

  • Reworked Class Quests
  • More spells added to your Class Quests so you can get a better feeling for your class.
  • Minor design changes in the village including a depot so you can store your loot and save the cap.
  • More terrain added in the forest including new paths and spawns for you to explore.
  • Client Update with professions, now you will not see professions you do not have in the Skill Window, they will appear as you learn them. (Requires Download)
  • A couple bugfixes has been reported and dealt with.

We hope you have fun exploring these new areas you weren't able to see before! And maybe someone will be able to solve the mysteries of Aholas!

Please continue to give us your feedback for our continued development so that we can create the world you want to see and one we can be proud to show you!

Everdale Staff
God Bengt
God Pox

  23 June 2020 (15:05) by God Pox - Everdale Alpha!

Welcome to Everdale Alpha!

Everdale is a project that we've been working on since March 2020 and we're working on it every day.
The idea behind this world is to be grindy but fun and to meet that goal we're implementing a few things.

  • 7 Classes to choose from, each having their own role.
  • Professions
  • Spells that you unlock by doing quests
  • Mysteriandos
  • Dungeons (That you can find somewhere in the world, you just have to explore to find them)
  • Hidden Cities
  • Task Board
  • Items that can unlock unique spells, and others that gives you a great stat boost

This is only in the Alpha phase right now and therefore we'd like some feedback from the players to hear what you think. Is there something you dislike or would like to see more of? Is there anything you'd like to change or just remove completely? We're still developing and we'd like to continue to do so with the players.

If you find any bugs please report them either on the website or on our discord.

We hope you enjoy your time here

Everdale Staff
God Bengt
God Pox