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To craft armors you first have to talk to the trainer NPC, thereafter you right-click on the anvil.

Brass Helmet16 Copper Ingot
Soldier Helmet55 Iron Ingot
Krimhorn Helmet129 Steel Ingot
Warrior Helmet1515 Steel Ingot
Batwing Hat154 Bat Wing
5 Blue Piece of Cloth
Royal Helmet2515 Titanium Ingot
6 Gold Ingot
Yalahari Mask355 Tungsten Ingot
10 Titanium Ingot
15 Gold Ingot
Visage of the End days4515 Tungsten Ingot
6 Gold Ingot
6 Iron Ingot
Leather Boots15 Minotaur Leather
Metal Spats66 Iron Ingot
Steel Boots2513 Steel Ingot
Boots of Haste2510 Minotaur Leather
2 Steel Ingot
2 Enchanted Chicken Feather
Guardian Boots3513 Steel Ingot
4 Tungsten Ingot
Copper Shield315 Copper Ingot
Steel Shield812 Copper Ingot
6 Iron Ingot
Ancient Shield1115 Iron Ingot
Guardian Shield1415 Steel Ingot
9 Iron Ingot
Tower Shield1615 Steel Ingot
6 Gold Ingot
Vampire Shield208 Titanium Ingot
8 Steel Ingot
Tempest Shield355 Tungsten Ingot
8 Titanium Ingot
Brass Legs618 Copper Ingot
Alloy Legs75 Copper Ingot
5 Iron Ingot
Plate Legs912 Iron Ingot
Knight Legs1618 Steel Ingot
6 Iron Ingot
Dwarven Legs2515 Titanium Ingot
6 Gold Ingot
Ornate Legs3512 Titanium Ingot
10 Platinum Ingot
12 Gold Ingot
Gill Legs4010 Tungsten Ingot
10 Gold Ingot
1 Earth Rune
Fabulous Legs4613 Tungsten Ingot
13 Steel Ingot
Soulful Legs4610 Tungsten Ingot
8 Platinum Ingot
10 Steel Ingot
Brass Armor715 Copper Ingot
Scale Armor87 Iron Ingot
Plate Armor1012 Iron Ingot
Leopard Armor1315 Steel Ingot
6 Iron Ingot
Knight Armor188 Steel Ingot
3 Iron Ingot
Blue Robe202 Steel Ingot
8 Blue Piece of Cloth
Ranger Armor236 Steel Ingot
8 Gold Ingot
2 Red Piece of Cloth
Dwarven Armor259 Titanium Ingot
9 Gold Ingot
Skullcracker Armor3018 Titanium Ingot
9 Iron Ingot
Dragon Scale Mail355 Tungsten Ingot
6 Platinum Ingot
10 Green Dragon Scale
Windborn Colossus Armor408 Tungsten Ingot
9 Iron Ingot
Firemind Raiment5020 Tungsten Ingot
16 Platinum Ingot
9 Iron Ingot