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Gathering is a minor profession that all players have no matter what other profession you select.
This minor profession is split into three sub-categories which are:


To mine mineral veins you need to have a mining pickaxe

This pickaxe is used on various mineral veins to gain ores.
Ores needs to be smelted before they can be used.
These veins are scattered all over the world but mainly close to mountains and underground.


To collect flowers you need to have a pair of shears

Shears are used on various flowers and herbs to gain materials for other professions.
Flowers and herbs can be found anywhere in the world, mainly in forests.
Not all flowers can be collected, list of flowers and herbs will be shown below.


To smelt ores all you have to do is drop your ores onto a furnace

This will turn your raw ores into ingots.
One ingot is made up of three ores.
Ingots are used as materials for other professions.

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Copper Vein 0
Iron Vein 5
Huge Copper Vein 5
Huge Iron Vein 10
Silver Vein 10
Coal Vein 10
Huge Coal Vein 15
Gold Vein 15
Huge Silver Vein 20
Platinum Vein 30
Titanium Vein 30
Huge Gold Vein 30
Huge Platinum Vein 35
Huge Titanium Vein 35
Huge Tungsten Vein 40
Tungsten Vein 40
Heaven Blossom 0
White Flower 5
Red Rosebush 20
Blue Rosebush 20