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  • Dungeon fragments are used to enter a dungeon.
  • Dungeon fragments are usually dropped from the monsters that exist in a specific dungeon.
  • Dungeons are private, and only you and your party will be inside your dungeon.
  • To enter a dungeon:
    • click the dungeon device that exist in main cities next to temple.
    • Select fragment of choice.
    • Select dungeon level.
  • Dungeons have a 15min timer.
  • You can get out of a dungeon by either finish it, die or wait out the time limit to get teleported out
  • If you die and lose your backpack, its lost forever, so be careful
  • Dungeons increase in difficulty for each level you increase.
  • Level increase monster health, damage, loot and experience, about .5% per level.
  • Completing dungeons have a chance to reward you with crystals used for reforging.