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  • All items in the game can drop with a rarity prefix.
  • Rarities are: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.
  • All items can drop as Common and Uncommon but only high-level items can drop as Rare and Epic.
  • Raritity attributes:
    • Common can have up to 1 attribute with low points
    • Uncommon can have up to 1 attribute with few points higher
    • Rare can have up to up to 2 attribute with mid-range points
    • Epic can have up to up to 3 attribute with high points
  • Quest items drops as Epic or Rare, depending on quest difficulty.
  • Stackable items cannot have a rarity, eg. Spears, Arrows etc.
  • Melee weapons cannot have range skill, Distance weapons cannot have melee skill and Wands cannot have melee or range skills.